I was responsible for refreshing Plan International UK’s creative platform. This platform, “Real Brave Girls” aimed to make supporters feel they were standing alongside young people, not pitying them from afar. 
 I then travelled to Uganda to create a campaign with this platform in mind. The campaign focused on the issue of teenage pregnancy and the lack of sexual education and health services. It showed the incredibly brave and inspiring young people who were working to change this story. 
The campaign rolled out across digital channels and Spotify — and also aired across Uganda. The creative had to be impactful enough to stand out in a crowded UK market, but respectful to the culture of Uganda. 
Creating this campaign was a career highlight. I had a chance to work as a director (taking over only a videographer/photographer). It was a real privilege to meet the young people involved in changing the future of their country, and see first-hand the incredible work done by Plan International UK. 
The project was a huge success, with the petition gaining almost 40,000 signatures, the UK Government pledging money for family planning and contraception support and the Uganda Government promising improved access to sexual health services. 

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