Mars Wrigley has a comprehensive science-based sustainability strategy worth shouting about. However, sustainability comms can be difficult due to complex information, an ever-present fear of greenwashing, and inconsistent and infrequent storytelling. They needed something that could provide consistency and inspiration.
Enter Moments Move Us, a creative platform designed to break down complex initiatives and far-away targets into simple, human actions that are happening right now.  
Focusing on ‘moments’ provides license to re-evaluate the stories shared and how they were told. We created assets and a global toolkit to help markets find their voice and brought to life the first execution: clever cocoa science moments helping to preserve the precious plant and the people and places who grow it. 

The Clever Cocoa Science moment condensed over forty years of global scientific work into simple, accessible and energetic communications that raised awareness and demonstrated pioneering progress in the field. 

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